Software download

Solubility from protein sequence prediction

To run the protein-sol solution prediction algorithm locally, download and extract the following file.

The software is shell/perl based and should be simple to run on any Unix-like system. Instructions on how to run the code are contained within the zip file.

Please use the following paper for citing the protein-sol sequence solubility prediction software

Hebditch M, Carballo-Amador M A, Charonis S, Curtis R, Warwicker J.
Protein-Sol: A web tool for predicting protein solubility from sequence.
Bioinformatics (2017)

Building on work published in

Chan P, Curtis R, Warwicker J (2013) Sci Rep 3:3333.
Warwicker J, Charonis S, Curtis R (2014) Mol Pharm 11:294

The software is still under development and further improvements are forthcoming.

Please contact us at if you have any questions, comments or further interest in using the tool.


The software and machine learning models are freely available on Github, and a docker image preconfigured with all of the dependencies is available here.

Please use the following paper for citing the protein-sol abpred software

Hebditch and Warwicker.
Charge and hydrophobicity are key features in sequence-trained machine learning models for predicting the biophysical properties of clinical-stage antibodies
PeerJ (2019)