Software download

Solubility from protein sequence prediction

To run the protein-sol solution prediction algorithm locally, download and extract the following file.

The software is shell/perl based and should be simple to run on any Unix-like system. Instructions on how to run the code are contained within the zip file.

Please use the following paper for citing the protein-sol sequence solubility prediction software

Max Hebditch, M. Alejandro Carballo-Amador, Spyros Charonis, Robin Curtis, Jim Warwicker; Protein-Sol: A web tool for predicting protein solubility from sequence. Bioinformatics 2017

Building on work published in

Chan P, Curtis R, Warwicker J (2013) Sci Rep 3:3333.
Warwicker J, Charonis S, Curtis R (2014) Mol Pharm 11:294

The software is still under development and further improvements are forthcoming.

Please contact us at if you have any questions, comments or further interest in using the tool.